Alex, Alix and Audrey are a trio of young starlings that made their first debut in "Sleep Like A Penguin". They were one of the orphans at the Rocky Perch Island Orphanage.

Appearance Edit

Alex Edit

Alex is a young starling wearing rags. He has black hair in a pudding bowl haircut. He wears glasses and a hat. Alex also has a gap in his teeth.

Alix Edit

Alix has freckles and messy blonde hair. He also wears rags like his brother. He has blue eyes.

Audrey Edit

Audrey wears rags like her brothers, and has a dull green cloak which protects herself from the rain. She has brown hair in a 30's hairdo. She also has green eyes.

Info Edit

Since the trio are orphans, they were abandoned by their family in the streets in the 90's. Alex, Alix and Audrey are not given food from their former parents, so Alex uses his hat for people to give them food when they passed them. The kids are also worried that they will starve to death. Years later when they were 5 years old in the present day, Cornelia Saunders, the worker at the orphanage, found them in the streets. She offers them some bread, in which they accept. She also takes them to the orphanage as the new orphans.

Their first appearance is in "Sleep Like A Penguin" when they are annoyed by Pen and Guin who couldn't sleep, eventually causing the penguins to get bags under their eyes and the appearance of zombies.

They later returned to "It's Raining Boys and Girls" where they appear by the end of the episode when Chuck Adoodledoo and Wing Span donated some food, toys and money to the orphanage.

Alex, Alix and Audrey will appear in future episodes.

Trivia Edit

  • Alex, the leader of the trio, resembles Tiny Tim from Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol novel.