Aunt Chelsea is Isabella's aunt. Also, she is Mrs. Males' cousin.

Appearence Edit

Aunt Chelsea has green and pink feathers all over her body, she wears a golden ring which is decorated with rubies, she wears a blue sleeveless dress, and she also wears red high-heels.

Personality Edit

Aunt Chelsea likes to say good morning to her daughter. She also likes being beautiful by putting on her colorful make-up. She was sometimes shy, like a mimosa plant.

Trivia Edit

  • She first appears in the episode "Kindergarten's Sports Day". She cheers for her daughter, Isabella, to play soccer very well, while holding a "Go, Isabella, go" sign.
  • She stills appeared in every episode. But in the episode "Summer Camp", she doesn't actually appeared.
  • She really doesn't have an uncle, but her husband had travel to India for a long trip for thousand years.