Bubbles is a 3-year-old owl which she is the daughter of the Mayor of the Museum. She is the same age as Diego. She is one of Isabella's many best friends.

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Bubbles had dark brown feathers all over her body, she wears a yellow dress with the letter 'B' on it, she wears a purple headband with a blue ribbon attached to it, she has three ribbons attached to her skirt, she had black hair, and she wears shoes.

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Bubbles is such a cutie pie and likes drawing happy faces all the time in each episode. Sometimes, she's very shy and very more cute. In the episode "Wing's Art Class", Wing Span told the toddlers to draw something good. Isabella drew a beautiful garden with all kinds of flowers. Diego drew two boys playing in the field with a soccer ball. Tobey drew a cottage near the river in the forest. And she draw a happy face which made Wing happy. Also, in the episode "The Haunted House", she and the other kids went trick-or-treating in the city which she's dressed up as a queen. Which they saw a spooky old haunted house nearby as they knew that someone anbandon the haunted house and they decided to go inside.

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