Candyland Rescue was a video game created by Flick Feathers. The game makes its only appearance in "Flick's Viral Spiral".

Information Edit

Type: Video Game

Owner: Flick Feathers

First Appearance: Flick's Viral Spiral

History Edit

Candyland Rescue is made from the app, "Make Your Own Video Game". The video game includes two characters, named Lollipop and Bubblegum. Their main goal is to save Candyland from the evil Candy Witch. In the game, they must fight against the Candy Witch's Candy Minions. The game will also unlock game-based weapons such as the Licorice Whip, Bubblegum Bazooka, etc. In the final level, they will be able to get to the Candy Witch's castle, and melt her into a candy puddle. Candyland then will be back to normal at the end of the video game.

Trivia Edit

  • The video game can be as a game app on an Android Phone, iPhone, etc. It can also be used on T.V. as a television video game.