Combat in Death Valley
Season 1, Episode 6, Part 2
Vital statistics
Air date 3 January, 2001
Written by Jimeson Erine
Directed by Lionel Allaix
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Comba in Death Valley is a seventeenth episode of the first season.

Plot Edit

Wing's trying to fix the monitor of the laptop and ask Chuck about the relationship between him and Flick. Chuck dislines it. But then Wing reminds him about the picture of Flick in his phone but Chuck hide his phone and said that he didn't know how did that happen. But then Dr. Mingo calls that Wing realize there is something wrong with the monitor again and Flick is in danger and Chuck is about rescue Flick in Death Valley for the combat tournament and Chuck have to beat three enemys before Mingo. But after the three enemys got defeated, Mingo will have to sent the mind-control robot which is small then Chuck mind-controlled active the bomb and Flick will have to destroy it and Flick is still in danger and chuck stretches to the chopper and but the in his chopper. and rescue flick by carry her and stretch down after

the chopper explode the fireworks popout and flick starts to fell in love with chuck

but chuck fells a sleep while carrying flick and flick is about to humilate chuck for

ruining the romantic sense