This is the tenth episode of Chuck Chicken Power Up

Plot Edit

Dr Mingo and his henchmen have arrived on the Insectorium with their latest invention to absorb all the insects into his invention. Meanwhile Chuck and Little Phoenix were having fun until he saw Dr Mingo who was adding all the insects into his invention which turns him into Armadillo Armour and started to battle with henchmen and curls into a ball and charged at Dr Mingo which turned into into a large mutated humanoid bee/flamingo monster who had electrokinetic powers who turned his hands into energy swords which slashes at Chuck which he dodges it and punches him. Dr Buzzmingo turned his hands into energy saws at him but it was backfired and he absorbs electricity which morphed his hands into energy cannons at him but the water electrocuted him. Chuck had an idea and created a water tornado that pulls Buzzmingo and electrified him then he shoots his energy drill rockets at him and destroyed his invention.