the ducks kidnapped flick because they were trying too woo her to accept her to merry just one of chuck and wing try to scan and find flick where she have gone.thefirst that was in a try was dee telling her how smart he is and all the fantastic inventions he have created . but flick did'n like dee asshe still wonder if chuck will ind him. next don was in the try, he showed flick how much hecares for her. showing her some gifts that he had saved for other girls when trying to make them his friend.he also showed flick some dance moves but poor flick still could not trust don.meanwhile dex give it a go sharing snacks and acted a little silly but flick was in a little gross mood due to dex being fat. meanwhile wing discovered dee's ramote control of the machine he used to kidnap flick was on the sideroad whick chuck knows this was all dee's the 3 ducks were still in the try as they began to argue over but chuck and wing came and saved flick as leaving flick was about to tell her feelings for chuck but wing came and chuck start talking with him the way the ducks layer the 3 ducks in emotion thought they can never love anyone in life as out the window they saw 3 beautiful white ducks with long wavy and curly white hair who were asking them for directions as the boys rushed to meet them and the female ducks accept therelation with their names were minty,glossy and pinky. the end.

the duck girls :3 sister white ducks whos father works in a business with the mayor of rocky perch island

minty:the oldest but shortest who wears a lab coat and a mint colour dress with white wavy hair with a black streak in it similar to dee's hair. she is the love of dee which she also makes cute inventions .

glossy:the middle sister whos hair is most glossy, long,white and curly with a bump up style with a pink purple shade colour bow on the back.she wears a purple teal pink like dresses and she works in a dance studio she and don have a beautiful relationship they were the first to be married who also enjoy sex or romance with each other and will be the first to have kids in life future.

pinky:she is the youngest but biggest duck who wears a long dress thats light pink with a pink bow at the back of her hair and she has blonde hair that also comes on her face just like dex she is also fat and works as a waiter at a resturant. she and dex share a funny relation and love to eat . yum.