This is the seventh episode of Chuck Chicken as well as the Halloween Special


On Halloween night three kids who dresses up as a Frankenstein's monster a Skeleton and a Werewolf eating their candy until Sinister Emperor gave these three powerful pumpkin shaped sweets to them turning these three kids into monstrous pumpkin minions. Meanwhile Chuck is out trick or treating when he heard the commotion he turned into Creeping Spider. He then charged at the Pumpkin Werewolf then the Pumpkin Skeleton morphed his hands into hooks but he hold them with his spider legs and attacks them. The Pumpkin Frankenstein then turned on his bolt and can emit electricity to create fissures but he dodge it and Pumpkin Werewolf can shoot energy howls at him but he dodged it and hit on the Frankenstein and fell into a cauldron then he used webs to entangled the werewolf. The Emperor combines these three pumpkin monsters into one huge horrifying abomination who can pull its spider legs and punched him. Then he turned his hand into a large fiery mace at him but he dodged it and shoot webs at them and finally he retract his energy pincers to slice the monster and the kids returned back to normal.