The Little Orphan is a young bird who is one of the minor characters in the Chuck Chicken series. She is known for having a crying personality in some episodes.

Appearance Edit

The Little Orphan has black hair tied in two buns with red strings. She has light red eyeshadow, and wears a red kimono.

Personality Edit

The Little Orphan is cute and cheerful, but has a crying nature when something bad happens like in "Crazy for Cookies" when she is going to buy the last bag of cookies, but the person got it, causing her to cry. Another episode that has a scene where she cries was in "The Baby From Outer Space" when her ice cream melted due to the very hot weather caused by The Ducks, again causing her to cry because her ice cream melted. Despite her crying emotion, the Little Orphan is actually a very kind and gentle young girl like in "A Comic Book Superhero" where she is at a preschool with other kids.

Trivia Edit

  • In "No Pain, No Gain", it reveals that she has a love for unicorns. She even has a song titled "Prancy Fancy Unicorn" which is about unicorns.
  • The Little Orphan also has a childish imagination. (in Go West, Young Don, she thinks Saturn's rings are made of rainbows, pink glitter, gumdrops and lollipops.)
  • The episode, "The Last Duckycorn", is the debut of her three friends, Timothy, Maggie and Jeffery.
  • Although her parents are never shown, a gardening mother is mentioned.