This is the eighth epsiode of Chuck Chicken Power Up

Plot Edit

Chuck and Little Phoenix were hiking in the deep jungles but he didn't notice that the natives were kidnapped and the robotic monkeys were stealing all the golden monkey statues from the Monkey Temple and it was The Ducks were behind all this and he transformed into Soaring Falcon and managed to defeat four monkeys. Dee pushed the red button to monkey causing it to transform into a bigger colossal king kong like robot who tried to crush Chuck with his mighty fist and crushed the house and it can shoot energy blast at him but he dodged it and he can extend its arms to grab him he launches energy arrows at Robo-Kong but it can't penetrate him and Dee pressed the button that can shoot bananas at him but he has an idea which leads them to the trees and it extending its arms causing it to entangle and he shoot his large blue energy arrow straight at the gorilla's chest causing it to explode and the natives were honouring Chuck for saving the village.