The Rocky Perch Island Candy Factory is a location that only appears in "From Sweet, From Sour". Isabella and her friends go on a field trip to this place.

Rocky Perch Island Candy Factory
Vital statistics
Type Factory
Level 12
Location Rocky Perch Island
Inhabitants Unnamed Candy Factory Manager

Appearance Edit

The factory is in light magenta color with a sign with an image of a rainbow lollipop on. There's even a blue door on the factory and there's an exit door on the back of the factory.

Inside the candy factory was a room with machines that made candy, and there were also other rooms included inside the candy factory, such as a candy sweet shop, a chocolate fountain room, etc.

In the Series Edit

"From Sweet, From Sour" Edit

In "From Sweet, From Sour", Wing Span and the students went on a kindergarten field trip to the candy factory. Wing showed the children the inside of the factory of how it makes candy. The candy factory's manager then decided to show Wing how they made candy, and Wing told them to stay and not go anywhere, or else they get lost or left behind. The children then went to the rooms and all got lost around the candy factory, when Wing founds them, and all went back to the school.

Trivia Edit

  • It was shown that the candy factory's manager's name is never revealed in the episode.