I'm Singing Edit

[The song first started in the title card. The episode starts with Chuck, Flick and Wing sleeping in the same bed. Toot C., a famous Japanese pop-star, started singing in her own game.]

Toot C.: [Singing] I'm so sad, it's the end

And I did not have my own boyfriend

Cause I'm singing!

Chuck Adoodledoo: What's that sound?

Toot C.: I can do, a sweet flip

And I want to start a relationship

When I'm singing!

[Chuck turns on the computer, finding Toot C. singing.]

[Spoken] Hey, I'm not in a relationship with you, Toot C.!

Chuck Adoodledoo: I am not, your boyfriend

And I have some money to just spend

But you're singing!

Toot C.: Come on, Chuck! You are my FBF, which means forever boyfriend forever.

[Singing] Don't just leave, I'm in love

And some hearts are on the ceiling above

Let's keep singing---

[Chuck pauses the game and throws the computer in a trash can. He goes to his Chuckmobile.]

Toot C.: No!

I feel very, very blue

And there's some dislike that is inside of you

Cause I'm singing!

[Scene cuts to Bubbles trying to do the shimmy in her bedroom.]

Bubbles: My talent, is shimmy

And I want some noodles so gimme

But I'm singing! Hey, I did it!

[The emo bird-of-paradise passes Bubbles' house doing a hip hop dance.]

Emo Bird-of-Paradise: I'm so dark, and so black

And I'm getting a donut for a snack

But I'm singing!

[The scene cuts to the Kingfisher Lady's garden, watering flowers.]

Kingfisher Lady: I am watering, the flowers

So they will get more power

With my singing!

[Wing in his Wingcopter passes the Kingfisher Lady's house, holding a paper bag of food.] I am going, to be late

Cause I'm gonna be Wing Span the great

When I'm singing!

[Wing got to Rocky Perch Island Kindergarten, with Tobey in the playground. Wing offered him a paper bag with some peanut butter and jelly sandwich inside and pudding for dessert.]

Tobey: PB&J and pudding, is my lunch

And I will eat a whole bunch

Still I'm singing!

[The scene cuts to Wing in the middle of class, with the toddlers causing chaos.]

Wing Span: These kids, are all brats

And the school is invaded by rats

Still I'm singing!

[A mole falls in his cup of coffee.]

Wing Span: Huh?

[The mole pops up.]

Wing Span: Aah!

Mole: My life's on the skids,

Got a nine fifty thousand kids

Still I'm singing!

[Wing pours the mole along with the beverage outside the window, with Boomer trying to impress Griselda so she can love him. He also starts singing a song of sadness.]

Boomer Abigail: [Boomer tries to offer Griselda a flower, but she doesn't seem to love him.] Griselda, please! I am in love with you! You had been my girlfriend since four years ago, why you want to break up with me?!

Griselda: Well, fine. I'll reveal the reason. It's because I cheated on you, and now I started a new relationship with Dee.

Boomer Abigail: [Boomer starts getting a green face out of disgust that Griselda starts a new relationship with Dee.] The green duck villain, Dee?! Gross! You shouldn't be his girlfriend!

Griselda: I have to. I wanted to start a new relationship with a villain. So, bye-bye.

[Griselda leaves Boomer heartbroken. He started singing.]

Broken Heart Edit

Boomer Abigail: If you just left me heartbroken

Everything had change, even our love

And you start cheating on me

I, am your only guy

But, you just broke up with me

And the rain has started

And the sun is missing

There is a broken heart

When I had a broken heart

Heart, heart, hea-a-art


I got a broken heart!

If I should, we will get back together again

And we never say goodbye!

And there is no girlfriend!

Hearts are broken, and the sun has set

If you broke with me, me, me---

[Griselda returns, in a pink prom dress. He pauses the song, saying that he broke up with Dee because the relationship with Dee did not work out so well. Griselda decided to make up with Boomer.]

Griselda: Okay, I changed my mind. I broke up with Dee because the relationship with him did not work out well. So, I decided to make up with you. I'm also inviting you to the high school prom.

Boomer: Okay! Let's go!

[Flick passes Boomer.]

Flick Feathers: Hey, who left a trail of jewels on the ground?

Jewelry Crime Edit

[Flick saw The Ducks stealing riches from the bank, and she faints.]

Flick Feathers: Jewelry crime is very wrong

And I'm singing to this song

Call the police and we will save

Some people will wear a vest


Jewelry crime is very wrong


Jewelry crime is very wrong

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no---

[Scene cuts back to reality; Flick is carried into an ambulance van.]

Flick Feathers: no, no, no, jewelry crime is...

Unnamed doctor rail: That is the worst case of music pop I've ever seen

Dr. Ken: Isn't it contagious?

Unnamed doctor rail: [Ironically appears dressed as a popstar singer.] Absolutely not.

[The ambulance is infected with music pop; it drives away with musical wails, leading to Sinister Emperor offering Isabella a lollipop.]

Isabella: No way! My mom says that I'm not allowed to get candy from strangers. You are evil, mister.

Sinister Emperor: Come on, little girl! You love candy! Besides, this lollipop is not cursed or poison. Trust me!

From the Angel to the Devil Edit

Sininster Emperor: Please, please, please, please, please! Candy, sugar sweets

Wonka bars, ooh la la!!!

Just have a candy!

It's not poisonous, it's not being cursed

It's normal candy with a lot of sugar

Have some candy

Please, please, please

Have some candy

You know it's just normal

With fruity flavor

It has some sugar

That you have love

Have a candy, and it's very so good

It has delicious flavor

Singers: Whoa...

Sinister Emperor: I'm a devil to an angel

Singers: Whoa....

Sinister Emperor: Then I'm angel to the devil

Please, please--

Isabella: Okay! Okay! I'll have the candy. Hope it's not poisonous or cursed. Actually, it's normal, and has a sugary and fruity taste. Thanks, mister!

Continuation of I'm Singing Edit

[The scene cuts to underground. A couple of moles are singing.]

Mole: Yuck! Underground, is a maze

Mole: And we haven't been eaten in days

Both: But we're singing!

[They pop up to a park.]

Mole: Let's try here, there's no queues

Mole: That's because it's got awful reviews

Both: Let's keep looking!

[Chuck in his Chuckmobile passes the park, with the computer still in the trash can in the trunk. It was shown that Toot C. is still alive. She starts singing.]

Toot C.: I don't want, to just go

And I hate when the wind always blow

Still I'm singing!

Don's 5th Symphony Edit

[The scene cuts to Don in his room with the light not on. He is imitating Beethoven's 5th symphony with a flashlight.]

Don: Don-don-don-don! Don-don-don-don! Don-don-don-don! Don-don-don-don! Don-don-don-don! Don-don-don-don! Don-don-don-don! Don-don-don-don! Don-don-don-don! Don-don-don-don! Don-don-don! Don! Donn! Don, don, don-- Gah!

[Dex opens the door, causing Don to fall on the floor. Dex turns the light on.]

Dex: Oh sorry, Don! I didn't know the fan is on.

[Don groans. It reveals to be a viral video uploaded on the Popstar Music Website named "Classical fail".]

The Skayla Popstar Pop Edit

[The mouse clicks on another video, "The Skayla Popstar Pop".]

Announcer: For our new music this year on the island, Skayla Popstar has released a new album! First song is "Reach for the Moon"!

Skayla Popstar: [Singing] Reach for the moon!

Reach for the moon!

Announcer: And her second music video, "Siren"!

Skayla Popstar: [Singing] S-s-s-s-s-siren, muh-muh-muh-muh!

Announcer: Get the Skayla Popstar CD now! It's free!

Final Part of I'm Singing Edit

[Chuck made it to the dump. He is throwing the trash can with the computer with Toot C. inside, continues singing.]

Toot C.: [Muffled] Don't just throw, me away

And you will never just ruin my day

Cause I'm singing!

[Chuck retrieves the garbage can from the trunk, throwing in into a pile of dump.]

Toot C.: Ah! Oh! Ah!

I'm lonely, and too blue

And I fear I'm getting the flu

Still I'm singing! No!

[Episode ends with Bubbles deleting Toot C.'s game, along with Toot C. getting deleted, too.]