This is the very first episode and first season of Chuck Chicken Power Up

Plot Edit

Everyone in Rocky Perch Island were minding their own business when all of the sudden the bank exploded in an green mobile where three cybernetic ducks Dee Don and Dex robbed the bank where Chuck and his friend Little Phoenix were walking until he saw a mobile were chased by the police who came to arrest The Ducks but no avail. Chuck turned into Speeding Cheetah. The Ducks noticed the Chuck was chasing them Dee ordered Dex to fire the magnets to attract the cars and flung it on Chuck but he dodged them all even a big oil truck and uses razor sharp energy claws to slice the magnets and use them against the mobile. This angered Dee and he pressed the big red button turning the mobile into a giant killer robot that shoots energy beams at Chuck. He managed to dodge the stomp and the energy blasts which can chased him and knocked him out and the robot's cannon arm turned into an energy sword to deflect Chuck's razor sharp energy blasts and extended his claw but he grabbed it and entangled the robot and finally he strikes the robot with his Thunder Kick with the money and it exploded and was hailed as a hero.

Characters Edit


  • Chuck Chicken(first appearance)
  • Little Phoenix(first appearance)


The Cyber Ducks(first appearance

  • Dee
  • Don
  • Dex

Trivia Edit

This episode marks the first appearance of Chuck Chicken The Ducks Little Phoenix and this is the first time Chuck used Speeding Cheetah with sharp claws and lightning reflexes

This is the first episode

  • In this episode The Ducks robbed a bank in their armoured truck turned into a giant robot with an extending claw an arm cannon that shoots laser beams and converted into an energy sword.