The Field Trip is the eighty-sixth episode in Season 4, which is premiered on 3 December 2016.

Plot Edit

The episode starts at Rocky Perch Island Kindergarten. The four toddlers and Wing Span are waiting till the bus was arrived for them to go on the field trip to the Museum. As the bus arrived, they went on the bus to the Museum. At the Museum, they then go inside the museum to learn all about stuff about history. They first went into the Gem Room. Wing tells the toddlers about the ruby first.

According to Wing's history, Wing said that people mine for rubies 200, 000 millions years ago. Also, it's a sparkly kind of jewel which its color is red. Diego then raise his hand to Wing about that his mother say that rubies are used to make necklaces, crowns and other stuff. Wing then got so proud of Diego that he knew all about rubies. Next, they went to the Dinosaur Room. Wing and the kids learned about the dinosaurs.

Wing then took out a book with a title on the cover "The History of Dinosaurs", to show Isabella, Diego, Bubbles and Tobey about dinosaurs. According to the book, all dinosaurs live millions of years ago. They first learned about the Troodon. Wing told the toddlers that troodons are very smart dinosaurs. Next, they learned about the P-Rex. The P-Rex is a type of a dinosaur who is a carnivor dinosaur that only eats all kinds of carnivor. Third, they went into the Solar System Room.

Tobey then asks Flick what they're gonna learn. Flick told him that they're going to learn about the Neptune. According to Wing, the Neptune is a large gas planet that kinda looked like a blue-green ball. Then, Wing and the toddlers are about to go back to the home. They went on the bus, and went back home.

Back at Chuck Adoodledoo's house, Chuck and Flick Feathers came home from the dance party. They asked Wing if he did any trouble, as Wing said nothing.

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Trivia Edit

  • Dr. Mingo didn't actually appeared in the episode.
  • It's unknown what happened that Chuck and Flick wore fancy clothes to the dance party while Wing is in charge of the headquarters at the beginning of the episode.
  • Diego tells Wing about that his mom say that rubies are for made necklaces and other stuff, but Diego's mom didn't actually appeared.