The Great Playground Rescue is the twenty-sixth episode in Season 3, which is premiered on August 1 2016.

Summary Edit

When The Ducks, Dr. Mingo, and the other villains stole the Rocky Perch Island Kindergarten's playground, Isabella and the other kids went to save their playground from the legendary playground dungeon.

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Trivia Edit

  • The episode is similar to the episode "Laughing Gas", which Dee and Dr. Mingo fight each other as they became friends in their honesty.
  • Isabella was been hold by Bubbles and Tobey, which they all perform the chant "You can't steal our Playground!", to stop the villains from stealing their school playground.
  • Diego had say the word "Ms. Olivia", their old teacher, while they're hiding in their kindergarten hallway lockers without the villains hearing them.