This is the third episode of first season Chuck Chicken Power Up

Plot Edit

Chuck Chicken and his friend Little Phoenix were fishing when he discovered that a purple sludge flowing through the lake and found out that Dr. Mingo and his henchmen were polluting the water at the dam and he was turned into a Creeping Spider. He ordered his hnchmen to attack and they blasted freeze rays at them but he dodge the blasts and threw them into the polluted water causing them to mutate into two sludge monsters who charged at him and the other spit corrosive saliva but he managed to dodge it with his spider legs and retracts his pincers to slice him while the other lunged at him but he created a web that blocked the monster who uses sharp spider legs to cut them. The sludge later merges to become a monstrous two headed blob who tried to punch it but he turned his hand into mace knocking him out but he used his pincers to slice it up and morphed into a gun machine that shoots multiples of slime but Chuck protects himself with a slab of rock which dissolves like acid and he sliced the gun barrel which turned into a large drill and manages to defeat him but Chuck shoots webs at them and freezes them with ice rays and then threw the henchmen at Dr Mingo into the sky and the water returned to normal thanks to Chuck.

Characters Edit

Chuck Chicken

Little Phoenix


Dr Mingo(first appearance)

Dr Mingo's henchbirds(first appearance)

Trivia Edit

This is the third episode of Chuck Chicken Power Up

This is the first appearance of Dr Mingo and his henchmen

This is the first time Chuck used Creeping Spider