The Winkies are aliens that first appeared in "Attack of the Winkies". They are in their cute beings, but when seeing plants, they involved into Winkios.

History Edit

In "Attack of the Winkies", one Winkie first appeared when it came out of the sand inside Wing's bucket. So he and his friends decided to keep the Winkie as a pet. Every kid even wanted to keep Winkies as their pets as well, even Bubbles, who named her green Winkie Sweety.

When Diego keeps his Winkie as his pet, he shows the Winkie his prize-winning cactus, then the Winkie turned into a Winkio, attacking him and destroying the cactus. Even everyone else' Winkie turned into a Winkio. The kids then told Chuck Adoodledoo and Wing Span that their Winkies turned into Winkios. Wing looks at his computer and knew it: According to Wing's computer, the Winkies turn into Winkios when seeing plants. Chuck then told them to tell everyone to not show off plants. They all split up to other places such as Lola's Sweet Shoppe, the Plant Shop, and even Jenny's Green Garden. Wing asks everyone if they have told everyone they had to told them to not show off plants, and they all say yes. But Wing noticed that Bubbles is not around, and went to her house.

In Bubbles' room, Bubbles told Wing that Sweety didn't morph into a Winkio at all, because she showed off her dead plant, which made Sweety to fall asleep. Wing then have an idea: she had to make Bubbles show off her deceased plants. Bubbles agrees. Then an adult Winkio is taking over the city, and Bubbles is with Wing in the Wingcopter, holding a sack of her deceased plants. The adult Winkio then fell asleep. Chuck then changed his mind and decided to use his Jurina Le Mala doll as firewood to launch the Winkio back to its planet. Wing, however, noticed that he forgot to launch Sweety back to her planet, which in Bubbles' bedroom, she is still sleeping.

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